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Pokereum is the first fully decentralized peer to peer Poker. Pokereum exists on the blockchain and therefore leverages blockchain technology to provide trustless interaction between players. It leverages peer to peer connection to maximize speed of actions and processes within the Dapp while still maintaining security and authentication of the interactions. Pokereum is governed by the SuperDao organization.

Superdao is a collective of various entities, individuals and autonomous agents cooperating virtually without any geographical limitations to acheive a common goals, enabled by open source, democratic software, built on decentralized Ethereum blockchain. The governance structure is an efficient two -tier reputation based management on one end, and a sovereign weighted token based consensus mechanism on the other, effectively merging the benefits and the efficiency of hierarchical legacy organizations, with the innovative and intelligent swarming behavior of the crowd. More...

Governed by SuperDAO, Powered by Ethereum.

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